17 Minute Workouts for your Core (Fit Expert Series – Book 16)


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I think by now you pretty much know how important it is to have a strong core otherwise you wouldn't be interested in this book.

However, just in case, here are a few benefits to strengthening your body's center:
Simple daily acts such as bending to tie your shoe laces or scoop up a package, sitting down, standing still, bathing and dressing are all mundane actions but rely on your core for these movements. Without a healthy core even these tasks could become difficult or painful. Does your daily life involve lifting, twisting, sitting at a desk typing or standing around a lot? Maybe this is part of your job or maybe you stay at home taking care of the home and kids. Whichever it is expect your core to be a major part of these tasks.Do you have a strong healthy back? Do you get regular back aches? Exercise your core muscles and this may be prevented. Resilient core muscles will promote a well-balanced body which will take the strain off your back.A problem area for many people these days is slouching. Do you sit at a desk all day or generally lean forward when seated? A regularly exercised core will improve your posture and naturally help project confidence. Good posture also takes some of the strain off the spine and allows you to breathe deeply. Do you play a sport or participate in other physical activities? Biking, running, swimming, walking, golfing and other fun stuff, (you know what I mean!), all call for core power and flexibility.As a bonus when you work your core the exercises you follow will help trim your waist and burn fat. So after a few weeks of training you may find that you have dropped a size in your clothes. I could go on with this list but you get the point.

Let's say you want to strengthen your core but you feel you just don't have the time to spare each day.

Can you spare 17 minutes for something as important as this?

The step by step and easy to follow exercises and routines in this book will take no longer than 17 minutes a day. You don't need to join a gym and you don't need to spend money on expensive equipment.

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