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Don’t fall for “gluten-free” foods made with junk carbs

Kyla posted this question on the Wheat Belly Facebook page. Her story so perfectly illustrates some of the problems with gluten-free foods that I’m sharing it here. I started the wheat free diet at the end of May. I lost over 8 1/2 inches all over during June and at the end that month I found the “gluten free/wheat free” section at the grocery store. Not thinking about the fact that it had rice flour, I found things I really liked. Problem is I stopped losing and actually gained an inch back, and started getting incredibly bad headaches that would last for hours.  Could it be the rice flour? Yes, Kyla: The increase in fat weight and headaches can most definitely be blamed on the rice flour. We’ve discussed why such gluten-free replacements are unhealthy, but let’s do so again in some greater detail. There are four common flours used to replace wheat and gluten to recreate baked products like breads, pasta, and cookies:

Life with Skinny Friends

Most of my friends don’t have weight problems, but I do. It’s fun to go out to eat with them or to bake for them or to have a drink at Starbucks with them. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that either. I’d trade six-pack abs for enjoyable food any day, but I do need to think about what I eat even when the people around me aren’t thinking about it.

My friend, Alicia, is hot. (I can say that because she’s my BFF.) She is barely over 5 ft. tall and doesn’t weigh much more than 100 pounds. She’s tiny, but she fantasizes about sushi just as much as I do.

The Best Tips For Achieving A Thinner Self

If you have no idea how to do it, losing weight may be a bit hard. It can really be hard if you feel like everything you have tried is not working at all. In this article you can learn some of the basics and also some fresh perspectives that can help you lose those pounds.

Walking is a great way to shed the extra pounds. Walking is not only good for losing weight, but it can keep your appetite satisfied. When you walk, you burn 500 calories each hour, the same as a smaller meal.

Excuses, Compliments, and Optimistic

I’m back in a cycle of bad eating. I have been since the weekend. It’s amazing how I can quickly go from doing so well to going back to bad behaviors. I’m finally coming out of denial about my eating behaviors. In the past, I accepted my excuses for binging as unchangeable facts. Excuses such as, “I’m sick, so I’ve got to eat to feel better.” “I’m on xyz medication that makes me tired, so I have to eat to feel better.”