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Sandra: No weight loss . . . but she sure LOOKS different!

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Here’s a fascinating experience with the Wheat Belly lifestyle shared by Sandra.

“I began Wheat Belly in January. This photo [right] was taken today. I haven’t had any real weight loss but the puffiness has all but disappeared.

“I was starting to get discouraged because the scales have not moved much but, now that I can see it in my face, I am determined to cut out all dairy (goodbye cheese!) and continue on this journey!”

Maggie’s life changed by her sister

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Maggie’s sister, Kelly, was featured in a wonderful writeup of her Wheat Belly transformation in Woman’s World Magazine. This inspired Maggie to follow suit.

My sister Kelly is in this week’s copy of Woman’s World for her weight loss. I started it right after and since then I have lost 27 pounds.

“She inspired me to change the way I ate. No more brain fog, more energy, happier, feel like a kid again, all thanks to her!”

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Hayley’s eye-popping Wheat Belly success

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Hayley shared her photos of her Wheat Belly success.

“I went wheat free 14 months ago and this is how I changed…Will never go back to my old ways!”

Despite the sunglasses in Hayley’s “before” photo, you can still make out that she lost substantial facial swelling and edema in the “after,” in addition to the lost weight. This lifestyle has also changed her body shape in addition to losing the visceral tummy fat.

Doesn’t she look spectacular?

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