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Sunday, August 30, 2015: Bicycle On My Mind Lately

I’ve had my bicycle on my mind lately. The gentleman behind Fat Guy Across America really motivates me to ride (because he’s riding at 500+ pounds) but I don’t want to until I get some weight down. I last rode in 2013 at 370ish pounds, so my goal to ride is the 370 lbs mark. […]

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Ali’s fiery red inflammation receding on the Wheat Belly lifestyle

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 12.03.37 PM

Ali shared her photos and comments a few weeks ago after she was freed from back pain, as well as fibromyalgia, just 2 weeks into her Wheat Belly lifestyle, changes that were already reflected on her face.

Ali provides us with an update, now 6 weeks into her Wheat Belly journey:

“Just wanted to give an update on my wheat-free, grain-free journey. I’ve lost about 3 lbs and 4 inches but more importantly I’m losing the red bumpy skin. I feel better every week.”

Wheat Belly Survey Update: It’s Better Than We Thought!

WB Survey-IBS

I recently reported the crude numbers from the Wheat Belly Survey that revealed some impressive results. Of the 4200 responses received–thank you!–1200 came from people who had not started the Wheat Belly lifestyle yet. (Most newcomers also did not provide full data.) Having so many newcomers therefore skewed the results a bit.

If those 1200 newcomers are excluded, then another round of analyses of the remaining 3000 people demonstrate:

  • 70.0% reported increased energy
  • 51.3% reported improved sleep
  • 48.8% reported partial or total relief from chronic headaches
  • 63.4% reported partial or total relief from mind “fog” and/or improved ability to concentrate

The initial Wheat Belly survey results are in!

Wheat Belly Survey graphic1

Nearly 3400 responses came in within hours of releasing the first Wheat Belly Survey. Due to the number of responses, it will require some time to analyze and breakdown the results into, for example, the experiences of people before they begin, the first week when most people are struggling with withdrawal/detoxification phenomena, and long-term outcomes. But it will prove to be fascinating, perhaps teaching us some new lessons about the power of this lifestyle.

Nonetheless, if we lump everyone–beginners and experienced–together, some crude numbers jump out:

  • 61% reported reduced or complete relief from joint pain