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How about a Glass of Wine?

Having a glass or two of wine, brandy, or a cocktail is perfectly in line with the grain-free lifestyle, but you must be selective. The price of a poor choice can be reigniting an autoimmune condition, provoking high blood sugar, triggering an inappropriate emotional outburst that ruins your evening, or regaining those undesired pounds. The reward for choosing wisely can be a wonderful time spent with friends without such problems. Do recognize that any amount of wine, cocktails, or beer can stall weight loss

Navigating alcoholic beverages can be hazardous, as many are brewed from grains.

How to eliminate this uncomfortable, embarrassing problem.

Our ancestors who lived without grains, sugars, and soft drinks enjoyed predictable bowel behavior. They ate turtle, fish, clams, mushrooms, coconut, or mongongo nuts for breakfast, and out it all came that afternoon or evening—large, steamy, filled with undigested remains and prolific quantities of bacteria, no straining, laxatives, or stack of magazines required.

12-06-toilet-paperIf instead you are living a modern life and have pancakes with maple syrup for breakfast and you’ll be lucky to pass that out by tomorrow or the next day. Perhaps, you will be constipated, not passing out your pancakes and syrup for days, passing it incompletely in hard, painful bits and pieces. In constipation’s most extreme forms, the remains of pancakes can stay in your colon for weeks.

Chains Are Breaking

In my last post I briefly mentioned that I don’t feel so chained to my plate anymore, and I want to take a little time to explain what I mean. My love for food makes it easy forget how much smaller my stomach is now. For instance, when I went to Chick-fil-a in the past […]

Fat Blasters: Ketosis’ best friend

Raspberry Cheesecake Fat Blasters - Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox

After elimination of virtually all dietary carbohydrates/sugars, the key to achieving physiologic ketosis is to maintain high fat intake. Not increased protein intake that can, in fact, “turn off” ketosis, since liberal protein intake modestly increases blood insulin and sugar levels, thereby undoing the process that generates ketosis. The key is to increase fat intake and thereby feel satiated and turn off all desire for carbs while not provoking insulin release. If accelerated weight loss or breaking a weight loss plateau is among your goals, increased fat intake—counterintuitively—encourages mobilization of fat from body stores, since insulin levels are extremely low (near-zero) while you are in ketosis. Beyond weight loss, physiologic ketosis enhances mental clarity, accelerates reversal of metabolic syndrome/insulin resistance/type 2 diabetes/fatty liver/hypertriglyceridemia/hypertension and, if anecdotal reports and experimental animal models continue to be validated, reduce/reverse several forms of cancer.