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DIY Blood Pressure: Part 2

DIY Blood Pressure: Part 2

We don’t treat high blood pressure–we remove/correct the factors that allow high blood pressure to develop in the first place, a big difference. And the way we approach blood pressure does not involve risk for diabetes, osteoporosis, weight gain, and sudden cardiac death, as conventional blood pressure treatments do.

My new Undoctored book takes you down the exciting and empowering path of DIY Healthcare–taking back individual control over health. It’s safe, effective, costs very little, and is actually a lot of fun. And the level of health you achieve by doing it on your own is not nearly as good as what you’d get from the doctor of healthcare system; it is superior.

Type 2 Diabetes is the Perfect Disease

From the perspective of the healthcare industry, type 2 diabetes is the perfect disease. Unlike, say, pneumonia, which necessitates an antibiotic for 14 days and then it’s over, type 2 diabetes starts with one drug, then two, and then three or more, not to mention the drugs used for associated conditions, such as hypertension, heart disease, kidney disease, eye diseases, and accelerated dementia. And all of these drugs are prescribed for years, often a lifetime (albeit shortened compared to those without diabetes), resulting in a pharmaceutical bonanza of profit. To the drug industry, diabetes is the gift that keeps on giving.

Everything You’ve Been Told About Weight Loss Is Wrong

Cut your calories. Move more, eat less. Eat more healthy whole grains–It’s ALL wrong. Everything you’ve been told about losing weight is wrong.

In fact, conventional dietary advice is great for GAINING weight. So we do the opposite of conventional advice in the Undoctored lifestyle.

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Thyroid Testing— Is your doctor missing something?

Similar to the gas pedal in your car, the thyroid controls the “speed” of your metabolism. It fine-tunes the function of virtually every tissue in the body, from the lowly cells responsible for creating fingernails to the nerve cells in the brain that guide memory and thought.

Your thyroid hormone level has to be just right. Too high and you are anxious and lose weight despite eating like a horse. Too low and no matter how meticulous your diet or how many calories you cut back, you fail to lose weight or gain weight. Just right and your efforts are rewarded by natural weight loss when nutrition is managed properly. Thyroid dysfunction, sufficient to impair weight loss, is unfortunately very common. Much of this initiated by wheat and grains.