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When Laziness Sets In

I spent the morning at the Social Security Administration to update my married name. I walked to the SSA because it’s only a few blocks from where I live, and it totally counted as exercise because I walked around the neighborhood before returning home. I paused for a bit to think on how grateful I am that I’ve gotten to live in such a pretty place for the last five years. I walked around and admired the beauty around me yesterday too, and even though it was hot outside, I enjoyed it knowing that I could come home and shower right away. After my walk today I showered and got ready to spend the afternoon at the Office of Motor Vehicles, which is the next step in the process. I packed books and filled my big Yeti cup with iced coffee, and headed to the OMV, prepared to wait for the duration. When I moved into hour 3, I was at a stopping point in my reading, but I waited a while longer for my number to be called. When I got to the desk the lady said that I had to go back tomorrow because the SSA needed about 24 […]
All the Weigh

Wheat Belly Basics: Aren’t Whole Grains Good for You?

We’ve been told for decades that whole grains are healthy, healthier than processed white flour products. Is that true?

And why does the Wheat Belly lifestyle in which grains, whole and white, are eliminated, yield such spectacular results such as substantial weight loss without limiting calories, reversal of inflammation and many autoimmune conditions, relief from joint pain and acid reflux, relief from skin rashes and water retention, and relief from hundreds of other health conditions—if we are eliminating a necessary nutritional source?

Almost One Year Later

It’s been almost a year since I started actively losing weight, and I’ve lost over 100 pounds. I can honestly say that in some ways it was harder to lose 100 pounds this time than it was the time before. Yes, I lost over 100 pounds, gained the majority back and lost over 100 pounds again. Losing weight after gastric sleeve surgery was emotionally tough, and it brought about a lot of change in my life. It also brought out feelings of anger, and even though I expected it to shed light on the issues that caused my weight gain in the first place, it has taken months to start dealing with it. I was angry for a few months after surgery, and if you followed my blog during that time, you may recall that I experienced feelings of disappointment. I couldn’t say, “Yes! It was definitely worth it.” I still can’t say that with complete confidence, but my life started getting easier when I started facing my emotions. At this time last year I was on a liver-shrinking, liquids only diet, and food has not been the same since. I can’t eat my feelings anymore because if I did […]
All the Weigh

Nima testing: “Gluten-free” Steak

It’s late September, but you’d think it was summer judging by the 90-degree days we’ve been having. So I had dinner in the Third Ward section of Milwaukee, a bustling, revitalized previously industrial area, in the street-front patio at an Italian restaurant called Onesto. I ordered an Aged Filet steak labeled “GF” for gluten-free on the menu and tested it with the Nima gluten-testing device. The steak was served on a bed of thinly-shaved zucchini and thin sauce of “cremini compound butter” and what looked like shaved Parmesan cheese.

Here was the result: