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Ten rules to get your vitamin D just right

Restoration of vitamin D is one of the most powerful health strategies to have come along in years. Combine this with other Wheat Belly strategies and you have an exceptionally effective way to reverse the factors that allow numerous modern health conditions such as diabetes (type 1 and 2), hypertension, bone thinning, arthritis, depression, and autoimmune diseases.

The arithmetic of yogurt

I’ve been recently discussing how and why we make yogurt with two strains of Lactobacillus reuteri to augment our oxytocin status and thereby enjoy additional weight loss, reduce appetite, grow muscle, increase bone density, obtain younger more supple skin with increased collagen, accelerate healing, increase testosterone in males, etc.

I’ve received a considerable amount of feedback from people who have been making L. reuteri yogurt and consuming 1/2 cup per day: reduced facial wrinkles, smoother skin, dramatic reduction or elimination of appetite, increased energy, better mood, reduced bruising (specifically senile purpora), receding surface veins, increased libido—some fairly dramatic results.

The most radical diet ever proposed

Worldwide, 20% of all human calories come from wheat products. 50% of all calories come from the Big 3 crops: wheat, corn, and soy. Of all the food choices in the world, from mongongo nuts in western Africa, to seafood in coastal areas, to coconut in the South Pacific, the Big 3 crops now comprise half of the human diet.

At what other time in human history has such a situation occurred?

There is no such thing as “healthy whole-grains”

We’ve been told for decades that whole grains are healthy, healthier than processed white flour products. The flawed logic of replacing bad with less bad has thrown off an entire generation of dietitians, physicians, and government agencies charged with providing nutritional advice who have all embraced the less bad whole grains, going as far as urging all of us to make them the dominant ingredient in diet every day.