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Stay 40 years old . . . for the next 40, 50, or 60 years?

The images of the mice are from one of the elegant MIT studies from Poutahidis et al investigating the effects of Lactobacillus reuteri ATCC PTA 6475. Even if you are not a fan of reading such detailed experimental studies, I urge you to read these, as they are well-written, wonderfully detailed, and written by people who have a real understanding of the full implications of the work they are doing.

Specifically, the above photo shows what happens at 12 months of age in control mice (example on left) compared to mice fed L. reuteri in their water (example on right). Notice that the control mouse is fat, while the treated mouse is slender.

Make your own probiotic yogurt and save money

Probiotics are essential in your Wheat Belly lifestyle, especially in the initial weeks and months of engaging in the program (longer if you have gastrointestinal conditions). They are essential because prior wheat/grain/sugar consumption disrupts composition of bowel flora and restoration to something closer to normal is part of your recovery. While we still have plenty to learn—what species, what combinations of species, inclusion of fungi like Saccharomyces boulardii, which species help control/reverse small intestinal bacterial overgrowth and methanogenic species, etc.—there are unquestioned benefits to taking probiotics.

Summer Travel Plans

Michael and I have a trip to Austin planned to celebrate our first anniversary, and I still can’t believe that we’ve been married for almost a year! I haven’t been to Austin since 2012, but I’ve wanted to go back since the last time I visited. I’m looking forward to seeing my long-time friend, Janna, while I’m there, and I’m also looking forward to visiting Haley Cakes and Cookies after following her on social media for years. I’d also like to visit Lake Travis and 6th Street. We’re heading to Colorado to see family in July too, and I’m looking forward to it because it’s almost always freezing when I go there. In fact, Michael has never been there when it’s warm, so it will be a different experience for him too. We’ll be back there for Thanksgiving as well, so I’ll get to enjoy nice, cold weather too. Are you traveling over the summer? If so, where are you going?
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Would You Attend Your 20th High School Reunion?

I’m sitting in my home office while my husband prepares breakfast, and it seems so crazy and awesome that we’re approaching our first anniversary so quickly. June 3rd will mark a year that we’ve been married, and while it’s been a year filled with change, it’s also been one of the best years of my life so far. June 3rd is also the date of my 20th high school reunion, and while we ultimately decided to take a vacation elsewhere, we did consider heading up to Oklahoma to see family and old friends. I enjoyed high school, but the years after it proved to be the darkest, most difficult of my life for reasons that I’ll probably never talk about on the internet. My senior year of high school was hard, though I do have fond memories of friends. I didn’t stay in close contact with many people from Oklahoma, but there are people from middle school and junior high who are still important to me today. They knew me when my life was hardest, and they still choose to love me today. I see those people when I visit Oklahoma, and I don’t anticipate that changing…ever. Michael and I […]
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