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Michelle’s Wheat Belly health and weight transformation


Michelle shared her Wheat Belly transformation in health and weight, something that none of her doctors helped accomplish. She accomplished all this  on her own–with spectacular results: thinner, no longer a diabetic, reversed fatty liver, rashes, and hormonal distortions.

“Just wanted to share how unhealthy I was pre-Wheat Belly. I did not feel well and had diabetes, high liver enzymes, high cholesterol including high triglycerides, high ferritin levels, rashes and too many other things to mention.

Who should NOT do the L. reuteri yogurt?

Because consumption of the L. reuteri yogurt made with the ATCC PTA 6475 and DSM 17938 strains work by raising levels of oxytocin (in addition to local probiotic benefits on reducing H. pylori and acid reflux, for example, unusual for its upper, not just lower, gastrointestinal benefits), there are people who probably should not consume the yogurt..

The unique probiotic effects of L. reuteri

We’ve lately been discussing (some would say obsessing) about the unique benefits of consuming the microorganism Lactobacillus reuteri, specifically the ATCC PTA 6475  and DSM 17938 strains (available from Swedish company, BioGaia, as the Gastrus product). Benefits such as increased skin thickness, dramatically increased dermal collagen, accelerated healing, reduced inflammation, preservation or increased bone density, turning off appetite, increased empathy, facilitation of fasting, increased libido, etc. are all mediated via L. reuteri’s unusual capacity to stimulate oxytocin release from the hypothalamus. So many of the most visible and measurable health benefits from our yogurt making with this strain of L. reuteri are due to higher levels of oxytocin.

I Was a Republican, and I Was Wrong

Sometimes people have a hard time admitting when they’re wrong, but I’m no stranger to it. I can’t count the times I’ve said “I’m sorry” to people I’ve hurt or disappointed. I’ve been wrong about all kinds of things. Some people have forgiven me, and others haven’t. I’m sorry, and I can admit that. I should admit that. I used to be an arrogant, Fox News-loving, NRA-supporting Republican. I once described myself as a free-market capitalist on the Today Show, and at the time, I was smug and even proud of it. I once measured success by status and income even though I had little of either one. I took pride in being a bit of a snob, and I lived a life of smoke and mirrors in the hopes that I could reinvent myself into someone who was powerful and important. I thought that would lead to a good life, but I was so wrong. I thought that if I aligned myself with the most fiscally conservative party that I’d somehow become like them, and in my ignorance, I thought that would be a good thing. I was a lot more socially liberal than many in my party, but […]
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