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Yogurt That Can Stand Up

I tried something new with making yogurt.

I made the Super-Duper High-Fat Wheat Belly Yogurt starting with organic half-and-half for richer fat content. This generally yields an end-product with great creamy mouthfeel, thicker than most store-bought full-fat yogurt, certainly far thicker, tastier, and more filling than the low- or non-fat garbage that fills most supermarket refrigerators.

Recall that, while dairy products undoubtedly have their problems, the process of lactate fermentation yielding yogurt reduces many of these problems. The lactose sugar is converted to lactic acid, reducing carb content, and potential for lactose intolerance. It also reduces pH (making is mildly acidic) and thereby denatures (breaks down) milk proteins such as casein beta A1 that is potentially immunogenic.

The Dietary Lessons of Teeth

We can draw many important lessons on human diet from history. In particular, examination of human teeth provides some of the most important insights we have into what humans should eat, what we should not eat, or at least are poorly adapted to eating.

Prior to around 10,000 years ago, tooth decay was uncommon–despite the lack of fluoridated toothpaste, dental floss, toothbrushes, and dentists. When grains were added to the diet, there was an explosion of tooth decay: 16-49% of all teeth recovered showed decay or abscess formation.

How Much Do You Spend on Groceries Per Month?

Michael is already good at making budget plans, and he even has the discipline to see them through. I’ve grown leaps and bounds in that area over the last few months, which seemed impossible until I asked God to change my heart regarding money. Now I feel satisfied and excited about the opportunity to become a budgeting guru. (Okay, guru might be a stretch, but I’m definitely on my way to being good at it.) I started tracking the amount that we spend on groceries last month, and we typically spend a few hundred dollars. I eat out significantly less now that I have the option to eat at home most days, but I’m not sure how that will affect the grocery budget yet. (I do know that it will be good though.) We both eat smaller portions than we used to, but I don’t usually make the recipes smaller. He’s willing to eat leftovers until they’re gone, and lately, I’ve been cooking meals that we can freeze and eat again later. Earlier this week, I made shrimp and corn bisque, vegetable soup with beef, and chicken taco soup. Eat meal was pretty large, so I separated them into containers […]
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Healthy and High Protein and Delicious Recipes? Yeah, We Love Those!

If you know me,  you know I love good food. I’m also a big fan of recipes that are high in protein. I enjoy cooking, and my friend, Elaine, does too, so I invited her to share a post on my blog today. I’ve known Elaine for about a year and a half, and throughout that time I’ve watched her consistently work toward being healthy and strong, and she has more self-discipline in eating and exercise than anyone else I know. We’re different in some ways, but we love some of the same things as well. I’m so thankful to have a friend like her, and I’m also excited about sharing this recipe with you today. Here’s what Elaine had to say about her recipe: “This recipe uses a great new brand of pasta called Banza. Instead of pasta made from wheat flour, Banza is made from chickpea flour. This gives the pasta a lot more fiber and protein than usual pasta. The pasta is slightly chewier than regular wheat pasta, but it’s still great. The added nutritional value is worth the small difference in texture. Thanks to the combination of the Banza pasta, tuna, and reduced fat cheese, this […]
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