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I’ve Finally Lost Enough To Wear Jeans from Lane Bryant

I’m sitting at my laptop with a glass of sparkling water after a lovely day with Michael and Mom, and I want to talk about clothes right now. It’s crazy to think that I had to lose nearly 100 pounds before being able to wear jeans from Lane Bryant, but that’s reality. It’s sad, but true. […]

Is Sparkling Water Bad After Weight-Loss Surgery?

I had one long stall pretty quickly after surgery, and, once again, the scale isn’t moving. I’m tracking my intake more closely now than I have been, but I’m also looking for things that I could or should be doing differently. Sparkling water is my favorite beverage by far. Sometimes I drink flavored ones, but […]

Undoctored: Giving back control over individual health

The new Undoctored book is scheduled for release this coming May 9th, 2017, a book that shows how you can be freed from the bonds of a predatory, profit-seeking healthcare system.  Here’s a bit more from the book, now available in pre-release.


Undoctored: An excerpt

Unpotato Salad: A guest recipe from Dana Carpender

Dana Carpender is a prolific cookbook author who focuses on low-carb and, more recently, ketogenic, recipes. Among her most recent books is The Low-Carb Diabetes Solution Cookbook.

Dana is a whiz at coming up with quick, convenient, limited-ingredients ways to liven up your food choices, all while adhering to a strict low-carb effort (all recipes are 5 grams total carbs or less in this cookbook) that are also perfectly compatible with the Wheat Belly lifestyle. Here is one of Dana’s recipes from the book.