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A Quick Update

It’s been a good week, but I’m excited that it’s Friday.  I have a busy weekend of fun things planned, and it will start with sushi and a hot tub/pool party with a few friends tonight.  There’s a lot more coming up, and I’m sure I’ll share more than anyone wants to know about it later. ;)

I’m enjoying making it through Bikram Yoga, and I noticed a distinct improvement in myself yesterday.  I was able to do a posture that I hadn’t been able to do previously, and it helped me push through the rest.  I also noticed that I’m exhausted when I’m done.

Friend Makin’ Mondays: Just Wondering

I’ve had another wonderful weekend, and I’m not ready for it to end.  There are some fun things coming up later this week though so facing Monday will be worth it.  I’d just like to have a good night of sleep first.




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21 Day Living Healthy Challenge


Recently our St. Vincent’s One Nineteen Wellness Dietitian, Donna Sibley, issued a 21 day living healthy challenge to all of the One Nineteen staff. I’m armed with apples, fresh veggies, and hummus. Feel free to join us! Below, I’ve re posted her challenge. Enjoy!

Here’s a printable tracker sheet

You’ve heard it said that you can BREAK a habit in 21 days. Well, this challenge is to help you MAKE a habit.

Find All The Tips And Tricks You Need To Achieve

Find All The Tips And Tricks You Need To Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

If only, losing weight were as easy as gaining it, or as fun and delicous! But we all know it is not. Read on for some very valuable information that will help you in reaching your weight loss goals. Make post-it notes for yourself and put them on the fridge or your gym locker. Keep yourself highly motivated and focused and you will achieve your goals!