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Allen kicks his cholesterol panel in the butt!

Take a look at what Wheat Belly Blog reader Allen posted about his cholesterol testing:

Just wanted to report that I had my first blood test since starting Wheat Belly back in July, 2012. I just got a note from my company doc:

”I just wanted to write as your medical consultant how impressed I was by your recent labs. You said you lost 20 pounds – congratulations. Your hemoglobin A1c was fine, not indicating pre-diabetes. And your lipid profile showed more improvement than I’ve ever seen from weight loss, exercise and diet – many find this just genetic and cannot get it down with just these measures, but your’s has really improved.

If You’re Reading This…

Sometimes it’s easy to believe that there’s no one out there who understands the struggles that I go through to live a healthy life. I worry that I have failed everyone by not reaching my goal sooner, and I begin to wonder if there’s anyone out there who still believes in me.

I suppose that’s irrelevant, but I like knowing that somewhere in Blogland there is someone who has faced challenges as big as mine.

There are days in which I need to be reminded that there are others who realize that weight loss does not always happen quickly and seamlessly, and that often times, when it does, it does not last.

What’s Your Pleasure Personality? Take this Quiz to Find Out

Webster defines pleasure as, “a state of sensual gratification; frivolous amusement.” 

And although I agree with the first part of this definition, the second part is blatantly incorrect and a complete falsehood.

Although widely misunderstood, far from frivolous, pleasure is a powerful evolutionary impulse that informs, inspires and strengthens every life form, from the simplest amoeba to the most civilized urban woman.  It also helps your female body relax, and perform it’s built-in slimming functions at it’s highest levels.

Today’s quiz will help you figure out how you personally relate to pleasure. Do you rock it full time, or is it just a passing thought for you?

Best Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss TipsWeight loss can make you happier with what you see in the mirror, but there’s more to it than that. Obviously you will look better, but an entire weight loss program will also have you feeling better and much healthier, too. It can be confusing to understand the best way to lose weight. Continue reading to learn some great advice about what you can do to get started on the path to weight loss today.