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Living Offended

It’s embarrassing to think about how long I lived my life looking for reasons to be offended, but that was my way of life for a long time. It’s a way of life for many people, and I think that as awesome as social media is, it plays a major role in facilitating that on a daily basis. Be honest. Have you ever wanted to scream at someone on Facebook because their posts are so ridiculous? Have you wanted to do that today? We all know that hurting people hurt people, and I was guilty of that too. I just didn’t realize how often I assumed people would hate me, judge me, and dislike me. Don’t get me wrong. There are people walking around on this earth who can’t stand me. There are people who don’t even know me who don’t like me, but for the most part, people think I’m pretty cool. I think I’m pretty cool, and I’ve spent the last several years trying to be the kind of friend I want to have. Am I perfect? Uh…no, but I kind of just expect people to like me. I definitely don’t go into new environments expecting people to […]
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The Truth About Hypoglycemia

Many people who experience uncomfortable, even dangerous, episodes of low blood sugar–hypoglycemia–are told to drink juice or eat something sweet to bring blood sugar back up. This is VERY BAD ADVICE that takes you closer and closer to diabetes, especially since people who experience this effect are at high-risk for type 2 diabetes and are often already pre-diabetic.

Virtually all hypoglycemia is preceded by HYPERglycemia, i.e., high blood sugar. The solution is therefore to not chase low blood sugars, but to not allow high blood sugars to occur in the first place.

“Bread Is My Crack”

People have said this to me many times over the years.

Here’s another Wheat Belly Basics conversation for newcomers or a refresher for the seasoned Wheat Belly follower.

One of the reason that wheat and related grains are such effective causes of weight gain is that they contain a protein, gliadin, that, upon digestion, yields opioid peptides that bind to the opiate receptors of the human brain. These opioid peptides are responsible for generating addictive relationships with food, as well as behavioral and emotional effects.

When Laziness Sets In

I spent the morning at the Social Security Administration to update my married name. I walked to the SSA because it’s only a few blocks from where I live, and it totally counted as exercise because I walked around the neighborhood before returning home. I paused for a bit to think on how grateful I am that I’ve gotten to live in such a pretty place for the last five years. I walked around and admired the beauty around me yesterday too, and even though it was hot outside, I enjoyed it knowing that I could come home and shower right away. After my walk today I showered and got ready to spend the afternoon at the Office of Motor Vehicles, which is the next step in the process. I packed books and filled my big Yeti cup with iced coffee, and headed to the OMV, prepared to wait for the duration. When I moved into hour 3, I was at a stopping point in my reading, but I waited a while longer for my number to be called. When I got to the desk the lady said that I had to go back tomorrow because the SSA needed about 24 […]
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