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Unfinished Blog Posts

As a blogger who gets distracted by everyday life a lot of posts go unwritten, and over the last couple of years I started about 36 that were never completed. (I know this because I just went through and deleted incomplete drafts that were dated as far back as August of 2013.) It’s interesting to look back and some of those posts and recognize the changes that have occurred in my since I started writing here. One post was about my insecurity and how I knew I’d be happier if I could see myself the way God sees me. I was right. Life is so much better that way! It removes the societal pressure to be someone I’m not and to act like I’m cooler or more important than I am. I lived with those burdens for far too long. In another post I talked about how I didn’t like being single, but I also realized that I wasn’t ready to be in a relationship because I couldn’t trust a guy who bothered to like me. Seeing those words and remembering how true they were at the time made me sad for my old self. Why did I allow myself […]
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Undoctored: DIY Healthcare Success Stories

I am looking for personal stories that describe how you experienced a health problem, then–on your own, without the doctor–tracked a health measure such as blood sugar, blood pressure, sleep phases, etc.–then overcame/corrected this health problem yourself.

I would like to share your story (if chosen) on a national stage to help demonstrate that, if given access to information, online collaboration, and new health tools that allow us to track various measures, an individual can exert enormous personal control over health.

Some examples to illustrate:

According to Weight Watchers Fruit is Free Unless You Blend It

I weighed in at Weight Watchers on Thursday after being gone for our honeymoon, celebrating the 4th of July and my birthday, and I’m happy to say that my weight stayed the same. After several days of lobster and other delicious food, coconut drinks and Prosecco I know that it’s time to get back on track. We celebrated my birthday with a few friends on Friday night as well, and I ate two child size slices of pizza. The celebrations haven’t stopped since we got married. Actually, they started before that when our close friends were married, and we’ve been celebrating ever since (about 7 weeks.) I’m definitely not complaining, but all of this fun is exhausting! I’m thankful to be back home and getting settled into married life. Now that all of the major life events are over (for now) it’s time to get back into a healthy groove. Michael and I both know how important it is to make healthy choices, and we’re striving to do it together. We’re at the point in which we don’t have anything interesting unhealthy to snack on, so we look to things like fruit and high-protein snacks when we want something. I’m […]
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I Ate One Cookie and Gained 30 Pounds!

Nobody gains 30 pounds by eating one cookie alone–but re-exposure to wheat/grains in people who are grain-free can ignite relentless, insatiable appetite that drives 20, 25, or 30 pounds of weight gain over the next months, all from a single “indulgence” such as a cookie.

Being grain-free on the Wheat Belly and/or Undoctored lifestyles frees you from this effect, giving you magnificent control over appetite and weight.

About Undoctored:
We are entering a new age in which the individual has astounding power over health–but don’t count on the doctor or healthcare system to tell you this.