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“Treat” cholesterol, exorcise the bogeyman

Cholesterol panels are a source of constant confusion for many people. And most doctors are no help, having been brainwashed by marketing from the drug industry, who pass off clinical trials as “science,” studies bought and paid for by the pharmaceutical industry to drive statin drug sales, with exaggerated results reported via absurd statistical manipulations (e.g., reporting “relative risk” rather than absolute risk, a misleading way to play games with numbers, a topic to discuss in future).

Sandy shared her lipid panel 2 1/2 years into her Wheat Belly experience:
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What’s Your Favorite Brand for Sneakers?

I’m doing my first official 5k race in a few weeks. I’ve walked many 5k’s, but I’ve never received a metal at the end of it. I don’t mind walking, but the idea of paying money to wake up early on the weekend to exercise in the heat has never really appealed to me. Ha […]

Have You Checked Your Thermostat?

Another useful do-it-yourself-at-home tool can be found right in your medicine cabinet. Measuring your temperature with an oral digital thermometer can be a useful tool to help determine your thyroid status. It is another measure, like blood pressure or blood sugar, that’s a simple assessment you can perform on your own and track over time.

103 1 Oral thermometerTo assess and track your thyroid status, take your temperature immediately upon arising.

Normal oral temperature is 97.3ºF. Temperatures consistently below this suggest hypothyroidism.

Body temperature normally fluctuates within a range. Normal oral temperatures range from 96.3ºF to 99.9ºF and vary predictably with the time of day.

Is Your Thyroid Really Running the Show?

A while ago, I wrote to you about thyroid function and the role it plays in managing your metabolism. This is so important that I wanted to mention it again. If you are taking the proper steps, and have removed all of the toxic grains from your diet, but still aren’t losing the weight you desire, maybe you should consider having your thyroid checked.

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Is your little thyroid sensitive?