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Is Vitamin D Deficiency the Rule, rather Than the Exception?

Vitamin D Deficiency is a widespread phenomenon with significant implications for health.

Fact: In our modern society vitamin D deficiency is the rule, rather than the exception!Tweet this!



While we can blame more severe cases of deficiency on grains, it also commonly occurs independent of grain consumption. The restoration of vitamin D levels is second only to grain elimination; one of the most powerful healthy lifestyle strategies.


How have modern lifestyles compromised our vitamin D status?


Vitamin D deficiency allows several abnormal health phenomena.Tweet this!

A little butter on your slice of Frankenwheat?

Imagine that I’m a mad scientist (or perhaps just a geneticist who doesn’t blink an eye while fiddling with nature’s design) and I want to see what happens when I introduce substantial genetic changes into a chimpanzee.

In my experimentation, I double the chimp’s height, change it’s hair color to yellow, induce mutations to change eye color, give it the ability to see better at night, increase muscle strength in its lower body so that it can jump long distances, and several dozen other changes. The end result looks different, acts different, has changes in physiology, its capacity to tolerate heat, cold, light, nutritional requirements, etc. Our chimp will likely develop new diseases from these changes, as well.

Should we use yeast?


In the original Wheat Belly recipes to recreate breads, I largely avoided the use of yeast to generate “rise,” as I did not want to chance persistent adverse health effects from the yeast component of wheat and grain products, though the risk is small and applies to only a few percentage of people. While grain elimination needs to be an absolute 100%, 7-day-per-week process, I have to admit that most people can do just fine by including yeast in their recipes. Doing so will restore the yeasty scent and flavors to non-grain baking, so much so that you could easily mistake a grain-free loaf of bread for a grain-based one. So I’ve lately been playing around with non-grain bread recipes using yeast.

Are you consuming enough omega-3 fatty acids?

Infrequent consumption of seafood, aversion to organ meats, and over-reliance on processed omega-6 oils in foods have led to deficient levels of omega-3 fatty acids in most people today.

The seeds of grasses, with all their absorption-blocking and inflammatory effects just add to the problem.

Once grains are removed, omega-3 fatty acid absorption may improve. Tweet this!

salmon omega capsuleIntake typically remains low for most people and supplementation is necessary to achieve healthy blood levels. The omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil accelerate the clearance of fatty acids from the bloodstream and keep levels lower.