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Blah Tuesday

My end of day was horrible, food wise. I tracked most, if not all of it, but I didn’t take pics. It was a tired and emotional binge… I’m raising my calorie level back up to 2700 calories until I get to the bottom of these issues.  I was tempted to stop posting after this […]

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New Group Monday

Started working in the tech group today. Surprisingly, a lot less volume of calls, but these calls tend to be more difficult. Never the less, the day went by quickly and I had a lot of fun with the others in tech. Took the bus to work this morning and walked from the terminal to […]

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Some impressive Wheat Belly before/afters

I recently asked the Wheat Belly Facebook audience to provide some before/after photos. Some pretty astounding photos and stories resulted that highlight the inflammation-reversing, age-reversing transformations in appearance with this lifestyle, even more than accounted for by weight loss alone. Here’s a sample.

If you’d like to share your before/after photos or experiences, the best place is on the Facebook page.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 9.15.47 AM

Week #46: Lost – 3.2 lbs
Total lost: 91.8 lbs!!!

Forty days to make my goal of 100 lbs off in one year… living grain- and sugar-free! (Braving posting first photos! After-photo taken at 88.6 lbs lost.)