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Deb posted this comment in response to the Smarter, Faster, Better post describing the transformations in her brother’s life and her own health minus wheat:

After watching my 52-year-old brother drop 53 pounds in 6 months, I knew he was onto something BIG! For years he had experienced severe digestive issues, was turning into a recluse, he complained constantly about aches and pains, and he was depressed. A friend turned him onto Wheat Belly and it changed his life. Thank you for giving me my brother back! After eliminating wheat, he no longer has any digestive-colitis issues, his depression is gone (without medications) and the weight is flying off. He also never feels hunger and feels completely satisfied by the amount of food he eats each day. He is dedicated to losing another 90 pounds. I truly believe this goal is in sight. His doctor is overjoyed with his results.

As I watched this happen, I thought, why not do this myself? After struggling with 30 extra pounds for years–taking it off, putting it back on, excessive exercise routines, Weight Watchers, reduced caloric intake–nothing ever stuck. I eliminated wheat 4 weeks ago and the changes have been dramatic: My thinking has cleared, my aches and pains are gone (thought I had arthritis – no), my sudden outbursts are gone, and much to my husband’s surprise (after 25 years of marriage) I have libido (not sure I ever had it to begin with, poor guy).

However, the absolute best thing that happened: my debilitating hot flashes are gone! I struggled most of my life as a hot person, but after menopause I was having severe hot flashes, soaking wet, at least 10 times an hour. When my doctor suggested HRT [hormone replacement therapy], I went along with her, as I was not living. When she said my time was up on HRT, I had to stop, I was terrified. For 8 months, I was back to the severe state of hot flashes again. She prescribed numerous medications that seemed to help, but I was in a state of stupor.

Oh, did I mention I have lost 8.5 pounds in four weeks as well? I am 55 years old and I truly believe I have never felt better.

I am spreading the word to whoever will listen and will ignore the raised eyebrows. After they see my transformation, they will come around! Thank you so much!

PS: The stomach pouch I have had since I was 18 is even gone!

Experiences like Deb and her brother’s illustrate what I mean when I say that there is a drug for every facet of wheat consumption:

Menopausal hot flashes–horse estrogens
Acid reflux–proton pump inhibitors and antacids
Colitis–Asacol, prednisone, and others
Joint pains–Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, prednisone, immune therapy agents

Just to name a few. Deb experienced a hormonal transformation with wheat elimination, evidenced by relief from hot flashes and heightened libido. Because we don’t have actual hormone levels to assess, we might surmise that she has experienced reductions in excessive estrogen levels, perhaps increased progesterone, increased DHEA and testosterone. In other words, consumption of modern wheat disrupts hormonal status, resulting in unnatural and perverse situations that we experience as hot flashes, reduced libido, and man breasts. (This is not to say that all menopausal hot flashes nor all man breasts are caused by consumption of modern wheat, but an important and substantial subset are. After all, what other foods can be eliminated and realize such benefits?)

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