New Kids on the Block, Change and Weekend Plans

Last week was a tough week at work because my boss left. I sulked about it because I was his favorite and vice versa. I think he’ll go on to do different things that are more suited to him, but I could live without all of the changes at work right now. There’s major change happening in every area of my life right now – most of them good. It’s just a lot to take in all at once. By the end of the week I was wiped out, and my plan was to relax at home Friday night. It didn’t happen like that though, which is great, because I had a wonderful weekend. Friday night a childhood dream came true for me. I loved New Kids on the Block from the time I was 10 years old until much later than I was willing to admit. Jordan was my favorite, and he still is! I wasn’t allowed to listen to them growing up, but I always told myself that someday I’d see them in concert. Twenty-five years later it happened. I knew they were coming to New Orleans because the venue is in my neighborhood, and my friends and I seriously considered […]
All the Weigh

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