Statin scare

It is shocking that so many people are bullied by doctors into taking statin cholesterol drugs: “The evidence is overwhelming: statins save lives.” “You’re a walking time-bomb. I can’t be responsible for your safety if you don’t take it.” “Your cholesterol is so high that you could die of a heart attack any time.” I’ve even heard of many patients being “fired” by doctors because of a refusal to take the prescription for Lipitor, Zocor, Crestor, or other drug.

Why such strong-arm tactics? Several reasons:

Blah Tuesday

My end of day was horrible, food wise. I tracked most, if not all of it, but I didn’t take pics. It was a tired and emotional binge… I’m raising my calorie level back up to 2700 calories until I get to the bottom of these issues.  I was tempted to stop posting after this […]

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New Group Monday

Started working in the tech group today. Surprisingly, a lot less volume of calls, but these calls tend to be more difficult. Never the less, the day went by quickly and I had a lot of fun with the others in tech. Took the bus to work this morning and walked from the terminal to […]

Who Ate My Blog?