The best gift of all

d20-giftThis holiday season we are all in search of the perfect gift. What is the one thing you truly desire for yourself and your family? Don’t you think we all want it? What if you were handed a beautifully wrapped box containing a miraculous tool that caused dramatic weight loss without limiting calories or requiring exercise?

What if this gift reduced appetite, shrunk belly fat, dropped your dress size into the single digits, and accomplished all of this while sparing you from a Biggest Loser sob fest?

We’re already planning the next Wheat Belly Retreat and Wheat Belly Cruise!

Due to popular ongoing demand, we are already planning the next Wheat Belly Retreat in Tucson, Arizona and the Wheat Belly Cruise to the Caribbean!

The Wheat Belly Retreat will take place this year June 21-25 and will include:

  • Cutting edge educational seminars with Dr. William Davis
  • Live cooking and baking demonstrations
  • Special gourmet Wheat Belly menus that elevate our understanding of healthy cuisine
  • Interactive experiences with Chef Ken and the Loews’ culinary team
  • Fireside chats with Dr. William Davis (for all of your burning questions!)
  • Guided physical activities (light and optional)

The next Wheat Belly Detox Challenge starts Tuesday, February 7th!


The next Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox Challenge is scheduled to start Tuesday, February 7th! – Tweet this!

Through my New York Times bestseller, Wheat Belly, millions of people learned how to reverse years of chronic health problems by removing wheat from their daily diets. Now, I have created an easy and accessible 10-Day Detox Program.

The Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox supplies you with carefully designed meal plans and delicious recipes to fully eliminate wheat and related grains in the shortest time possible. Perfect for those who may have fallen off the wagon or for newcomers who need a jump-start for weight loss, this new addition to the Wheat Belly phenomenon guides you through the complete 10-Day Detox experience.


Chocolate for Adults Only!

I call this Chocolate Adults Only because it is certain to leave young, sugar-craving palates unsatisfied. But rest assured, it is appropriate for the most serious chocolate craving!

This is a way to obtain the rich flavors and textures of cocoa, the health benefits (for example, blood pressure reduction and antioxidation) of cocoa flavonoids, while obtaining none of the sugars/carbohydrates . . . and certainly no wheat or grains!

It is easy to make, requiring just a few ingredients, a few steps, and a few minutes. Set aside and save some for an indulgence, e.g., dip into natural peanut or almond butter.