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Wheat Belly Cruise 2016: A huge success!


Now that the 2016 Wheat Belly Cruise is over, I wanted to recap how it all went for those of you who would like to consider joining us in 2017.

First of all, the food: spectacular! The Wheat Belly Cruise organizer, Paul MacInnis, and I met with executive chef, Victor, as well as several others among the nearly 160 or so culinary staff. While they were incredibly well-versed in gluten-free practices, we had to bring them up to speed on our grain-free, no-added-sugar lifestyle. They were interested and energetic, whipping up almond flour-based chocolate cake and other goodies for us, for instance.

Happy Holidays 2016!

Happy Holidays

Thanks, everyone, for making 2016 yet another rewarding and wonderful year for spreading the Wheat Belly message of health, watching so many people lose the weight they want to lose, transforming their appearance by marvelously reversing inflammation, regaining health in so many ways while positively influencing other people around you. I’ve enjoyed the camraderie, the shared lessons, the fun, and the fabulous successes.

2017 will be even better for each and every one of you as your health improves further and further with this lifestyle and we learn even more lessons on how to look, feel, and perform at our very best.

The Wheat Belly Cruise 2016

The Wheat Belly Caribbean Cruise for 2016 sets sail December 4th through 11th. The time to sign up is now!

The cruise includes some glorious Caribbean ports of call, including St. Thomas and St. Maarten. Here is a photo of St. Thomas:


There is no shortage of unique eating opportunities here with numerous specialty restaurants. I found the chefs and waitstaff on the Celebrity Silhouette exceptionally accommodating to our dietary needs. This ship is a floating city with numerous swimming pools, walking track, huge exercise facility, cafes, bars, and plenty of other activities.