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Did You Go To Graduate School? Would You Do It Again?

There’s a lot of studying going on in my life right now. In addition to my new gig as a contractor for a local government entity, I’m back in school to finish up two degrees after taking a year off, and I’m taking part in three Bible studies right now as well. It’s the end of a long day. I just finished writing a paper that was several pages long, and I loved it. There’s a lot to process, write, read, and create but this is my happy place. I enjoy learning, so when a recruiter from LSU came to talk to my class about going to graduate school, the wheels started turning. In less than a year I’ll be finished at Tulane. Sure, it took me longer than the average student, but I’m also a no-traditional student who had a variety of other irons in the fire while attending classes. It’s my schedule and my time, and I like to fill it with information and ideas that enrich my life. I’m not sure  if I’m going to pursue it yet or not, but the likelihood is great. I’m going to a meeting at the school in November. At that […]
All the Weigh

Gluten and diabetes: The headlines get it wrong again

Another study was released recently that purports to “prove” that gluten-free diets are associated with increased risk for type 2 diabetes. As with many studies of this type, the findings were misinterpreted but fed into the media’s continual need for titillating headlines. I thought this hubbub would pass by now, but reports about this study (such as this piece of tripe from The Washington Post) seem to be gaining more traction than usual, fueling the misunderstanding and misinformation that plagues nutritional thinking. While I thought this would just pass, it looks like it will not and I’m therefore posting my comments.

Hello Again, Weight Watchers…

I’ve been pretty quiet about the fact that I rejoined Weight Watchers, but I have to say that I’m enjoying the new Smart Points system. I never liked PointsPlus. I mean, I couldn’t stand it! I didn’t care for Oprah’s commercials earlier this year either, but after some serious consideration I decided to rejoin. I still […]

Binging Again

I had a rough night emotionally and started binging. I’m not going to list out what I ate but tomorrow is a new day. I have a binge “hangover” right now and just have to get through my shift at work.

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