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My JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Makes It Easy

I’ve been doing a variety of workouts over the last few months, and I’m finally feeling some positive momentum. I’ve talked about exercise lately, but I I haven’t mentioned how much I love my new JumpSport Fitness Trampoline. I’ve had it since late April, but I didn’t really start using it until about a month […]

2015 Easy and Fun Blog Challenge: Prepare a recipe from a Cooking Light cookbook every week

Sonthe gave me a couple of cookbooks for Christmas, and I’ve decided to challenge myself to prepare one recipe per week in 2015 from either Cooking Light cook book. The two books are Cooking Light Fresh Food Fast: Weeknight Meals: Over 280 Incredible Supper Solutions and Cooking Light Comfort Food: Home-Cooked, Delicious Classics Made Light. […]

Who Ate My Blog?

Forgiveness Isn’t Always Easy, But It’s Always Right

I’m generally pretty open about my feelings, but there are times in which I know I shouldn’t bother sharing them because they’ll fall on deaf ears.

Recently a friend made me angry and hurt my feelings pretty severely. While that friend probably didn’t do it on purpose, they have a tough time accepting responsibility for their own actions. That person blames everyone else for everything that’s wrong, and they don’t view life from the same scope as I do.

Dating in The Big Easy is Hard

I’m a plus-size woman who likes to enjoy my life, and I like the idea of meeting someone who wants the same thing. I’m friendly and outgoing. Most of my friends would tell you that I’m confident in almost every circumstance, and in most cases, it’s true.

I am well-groomed, educated, independent and good at a myriad of things. I have talents and hobbies and ambitions (some that that I mention here and many that I don’t.) I have a lot of awesome characteristics, but my weight is the first thing anyone ever sees. Most of time time it defines me before people have a chance to get to know me, and I have mixed feelings about that.