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Tuesday, September 8, 2015: I Can Get Sick Now and Rachel’s First Day of School

I can get sick now because I got my Ontario Health card today. Thank you socialized health care! Rachel went with me for the card because I didn’t know what I was doing. I’ve always (most of my life) had health insurance in the U.S. The sweetest thing happened to Rachel while we were waiting in […]

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Our First Married Christmas

I hope you and yours had a very Merry Christmas. Rachel got into town last Friday, and we have been running around non-stop. I’ve had to work a lot, then we’ve had a couple of family get togethers, we also have spent a little quality time together, and then we’ve also gotten together with friends. […]

Who Ate My Blog?

Wheat Free Market: First year!

It’s been around a year since Gary Miller of New Jersey launched Wheat Free Market foods. Because he recognized a need for foods that are convenient and consistent with the Wheat Belly message, he sought my help in getting these products into the hands of readers. Accordingly, I examine and approve all ingredients and recipes used in their products. They are confidently wheat-free and healthy!

Since launch, they have introduced wheat-free cookies (Almond Spice, Chocolate Chip, Shortbread), Wheat-Free Baking Mixes (Chocolate Chip Muffin Maker, Ginger Spice Muffin Maker, Mixed Berry Muffin Maker, Pizza Crust Mix, All Purpose Baking Mix), a grainless “Granola,” a sugar-free sweetener (monk fruit, erythritol), and Hot Sauces.

For First Time, My Heart Believes Weight-loss Is Possible

It appears my motivational William Shatner dream has worked! This week, I lost more than four pounds! I feel like my body has finally stabilized from being taken off the blood pressure meds, and I am back to a regular weekly loss. This success is even sweeter after you hear what happened at our annual […]

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