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Wheat: Food from hell

Wheat Belly has inspired a number of creative efforts over the years: the wheat belly portrait by artist Lesley Spanos; bread art; the song and video, Wheat Belly Blues, by James Winningham; and an irreverent poem.

We now add this gem of dark poetry from Prodos:

By Prodos

Oh Prince of Darkness
Your scheme is exposed
Your buns and bread rolls
Shall all be deposed!

The innocent lives
You callously take
Down your serpent of dough
That’s kneaded and baked!

Grain-free baking tips from Gary Miller, founder of Wheat-Free Market

If you are new to grain-free baking, or if you are struggling to get the results you want from your grain-free baking, here are some tips provided by Gary Miller, founder of Wheat-Free Market that develops and sells Wheat Belly-compliant foods:


If you’re like most of us, you didn’t get recipes and tips passed down from Grandma that used the typical ingredients we now use in our grain-free lifestyle. In fact, the majority of us had never really heard of almond flour until a few years ago, and it is very unlikely we had ever actually used it! So we have put together this list of things we have learned that we hope you can put to good use in your own home.

The Magic Pill: A Bold New Documentary from Chef Pete Evans, Director Rob Tate

My first reaction to viewing the trailer (above), then the full documentary, The Magic Pill, was surprise and gratitude that—finally—somebody got the dietary message right.

I’ve Finally Lost Enough To Wear Jeans from Lane Bryant

I’m sitting at my laptop with a glass of sparkling water after a lovely day with Michael and Mom, and I want to talk about clothes right now. It’s crazy to think that I had to lose nearly 100 pounds before being able to wear jeans from Lane Bryant, but that’s reality. It’s sad, but true. […]