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So Much to Gain by Giving Up Grain!

Elimination of grains can do more than just free you from the health-impairing effects of the seeds of grasses.

This will unleash physical, mental & life performance.Tweet this!


We are not grain-free supremacists; we are people who have removed the yoke of impairment placed on us by the easy, accessible, and addictive products produced from grains.


Grain-free performance means that you can be freed from common impediments to performance such as joint pain, swelling, bloating and gas, water retention, and mind fog, leaving you able to run longer, jump higher, think more clearly, and focus longer and more effectively. It can also mean renewed libido and erectile capacity for men, less bothersome menstrual cycles and menopausal symptoms for women, as well as reinvigorated libido.

Weigh-In: 460 lbs, 5 lb Gain

Last Weigh-In: 455 lbs This Weigh-In: 460 lbs Change Between Weigh-Ins: +5 lbs Change from start of weigh-ins (Starting weight, 632 lbs, 02/2009) : -172 lbs My last weigh-in was Friday, Feb. 27. I weighed in on Friday but just am now getting around to posting it (on Sunday.) I was dissapointed but expected a gain […]

Who Ate My Blog?

Weigh-In: 463 Pounds, 7 Pound Gain

Last Weigh-In: 456 lbs This Week’s Weigh-In: 463 lbs Change Between Weigh-Ins: +7 lbs Change from start of weigh-ins (02/2009) : -169 lbs I am completely out of control. I ended up cancelling the appointment with my councilor last week because I thought I was going to be fine. I ate well for a couple […]

Who Ate My Blog?

10 Pound Gain This Week

Starting Weight: 632 Pounds (Feb 2009)

Last Week’s Weight: 382 Pounds

This Week’s Weight: 392 Pounds

10 pound gain this week.

240 Pound total loss since starting the blog

What could I have done to prevent this gain?
  • Cut out the negative self talk. I binged on Thanksgiving, felt guilty about it, kept a negative internal dialog, and kept going with the binging for five days.
  • During the binge, tell myself I can be happy doing ____________ (another activity that I enjoy, that IS NOT eating.)