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L. reuteri: It gets even better

I recently posted Wheat Belly and Undoctored Blog posts about the probiotic species, Lactobacillus reuteri, that in experimental models (aged mice) generated some fascinating effects, including thicker hair, no weight gain (compared to obese controls), more muscle preservation, increased dermal (skin) thickness and increased testosterone. They observed that the L. reuteri-supplemented mice looked and acted more youthful. What made the findings even more surprising was the magnitude of these effects: the increase in dermal thickness, for instance, was an unprecedented 35%, the increase in skin thickness 100%, the increase in testosterone nearly 8-fold.

Georgann gets rid of acid blocking medication

Stomachache 123rf

Tens of millions of people take prescription and over-the-counter drugs to suppress stomach acid production. Such drugs are the third most commonly prescribed drugs in the nation.

It is very common for people who engage in the Wheat Belly lifestyle to obtain relief from acid reflux/heartburn/esophagitis within several days of kissing their last bagel or bowl of bran cereal goodbye. But what to do with the acid blocking drugs that you may have been taking?

Georgann shares her experience with the Wheat Belly lifestyle and getting off acid reflux drugs.