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The Gluten-Free Gimmick

Don’t be fooled by the marketing. Just because it’s on the shelf at Whole Foods Market doesn’t mean it’s good for you.

I want to begin by clearly stating that people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity need to meticulously avoid all gluten sources, but they do not need gluten-free junk carbohydrate ingredients in their place. This is the sort of self-destructive thinking encouraged by the gluten-free food industry. This industry makes billions by filling grocery stores with overpriced junk carbohydrates.

Don’t replace one problem with another. Removing gluten but replacing it with excessive carbohydrate intake is causing diabetes, dementia, high blood pressure, obesity (need I go on?) to soar.

Nima testing: “Gluten-free” Steak

It’s late September, but you’d think it was summer judging by the 90-degree days we’ve been having. So I had dinner in the Third Ward section of Milwaukee, a bustling, revitalized previously industrial area, in the street-front patio at an Italian restaurant called Onesto. I ordered an Aged Filet steak labeled “GF” for gluten-free on the menu and tested it with the Nima gluten-testing device. The steak was served on a bed of thinly-shaved zucchini and thin sauce of “cremini compound butter” and what looked like shaved Parmesan cheese.

Here was the result:

Nima testing for cross-contamination: “Gluten-free” is not always gluten-free

When a restaurant labels a dish “gluten-free,” can you count on that being true?

Sometimes you can. If they have a segregated area of the kitchen with separate cooking utensils, separate preparation and cooking surfaces, as well as ingredients that are gluten-free, then you can have pretty good confidence that the dish you order is safe. But if there is no such segregation you can never be entirely certain even if the food is not breaded, does not contain breadcrumbs, or is not served on wheat or rye bread. For some people, this can be a real problem.

The 3 Gluten-Free Mistakes

People often mistake the Wheat Belly lifestyle for a gluten-free lifestyle–but that can be a big mistake that leads to weight GAIN, diabetes, inflammation, even risk for heart disease, cancer, and dementia.

Getting your Wheat Belly lifestyle right, on the other hand, can lead you to huge health and weight loss success.

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