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Wheat Belly Basics: Aren’t Whole Grains Good for You?

We’ve been told for decades that whole grains are healthy, healthier than processed white flour products. Is that true?

And why does the Wheat Belly lifestyle in which grains, whole and white, are eliminated, yield such spectacular results such as substantial weight loss without limiting calories, reversal of inflammation and many autoimmune conditions, relief from joint pain and acid reflux, relief from skin rashes and water retention, and relief from hundreds of other health conditions—if we are eliminating a necessary nutritional source?

Could Grains Cause Autoimmunity?

The prolamin proteins of grains— the gliadin of wheat, secalin of rye, hordein of barley, and zein of corn— initiate the small intestinal process that cause a perfect storm in our bodies. And they do so in more than one way. You could even argue that prolamin proteins are perfectly crafted to create autoimmunity.

Prolamin proteins of grains are masters at molecular mimicry. The prolamin proteins have been found to trigger immune responses to a number of human proteins, including the synapsin protein of the nervous system; the transglutaminase enzyme found in the liver, muscle, brain, and other organs; the endomysium of muscle cells; and the calreticulin of virtually every cell in the body.

Don’t Let Grains Ruin Your Skin.

Grains can play havoc with your skin. The prolamin proteins, such as gliadin, trigger autoimmune skin reactions and turn antibodies against the skin enzymes, their lectins fan the fires of inflammation, their proteins provoke allergies, and their amylopectins send blood sugar and insulin sky-high and provoke the skin-disrupting hormone insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF). The whole grain package adds up to an impressive collection of skin conditions that can take a variety of forms, from simple red, itchy rashes to scaly, oily raised patches to large vesicles to gangrene. Because hair and nails are also considered part of the integumentary system, they, too, can be involved.

Grains: Perfect Obesogens

Last week, I discussed the negative effects that grains, particularly gliadin-derived opiates, have on the human brain. This week, I want to discuss yet another ill-effect that they have had on your previously never ending battle with unwanted weight. I say previously, because you can win this battle.

You can conquer those cravings once and for all, but to do so you must understand how to disarm the enemy. Imagine triumphantly enjoying your healthy new lifestyle and wardrobe.

As I have discussed in Wheat Belly Total Health:

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