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Why “Heart Healthy” Foods CAUSE Heart Disease

Many, perhaps most, products labeled “heart healthy” actually CAUSE or contribute to heart disease, an incredible situation that has developed due to the eagerness of Big Food to profit from this claim.

We avoid all foods labeled “heart healthy.” Here’s why.

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We are entering a new age in which the individual has astounding power over health–but don’t count on the doctor or healthcare system to tell you this.

Secrets Hidden in Your Resting Heart Rate

A simple resting heart rate contains valuable information on health and can be tracked over time to alert you to changes in health. With the new health tracking devices–wristbands, smartphone apps, digital scales and other devices that measure heart rate–tracking your resting heart rate, even during sleep, is easier than ever.

If you identify a higher heart rate above ideal, especially above 70 bpm, then you can take steps to reduce heart rate, far better than the drugs that doctors prescribe to slow heart rate.

For First Time, My Heart Believes Weight-loss Is Possible

It appears my motivational William Shatner dream has worked! This week, I lost more than four pounds! I feel like my body has finally stabilized from being taken off the blood pressure meds, and I am back to a regular weekly loss. This success is even sweeter after you hear what happened at our annual […]

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American Heart Association 2013 Heart Walk in Birmingham, Alabama



I walked in the 2013 American Heart Association Heart Walk 5k last Saturday along with a hundred or so other St. Vincent’s associates. Our team raised $ 46,000 for the AHA!

When I signed up for this walk, there was a “walking in honor of” field for me to fill in. I quickly skipped over the field because I didn’t really have a person in mind. Actually, I never really pay attention to heart disease and the American Heart Association because I’ve never lost someone to heart disease and I don’t have a heart problem.