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Watch Out for Hidden Sources of Grains— What to Look for When Reading Labels

You need to be careful when you shop, as grains, especially wheat and corn, can be found in an incredible variety of forms in processed foods—hidden as additives, thickeners, coatings, or cheap “bulk.” Avoiding foods containing hidden grains can be difficult because wheat and corn, in particular, come in some tough-to-recognize names. You will be shocked at how many processed food products contain grains—frozen dinners, bottled salad dressings, dry salad dressing mixes, seasoning mixes, canned soups, instant soup mixes, candy bars, licorice— the majority of foods filling the aisles in supermarkets.

Secrets Hidden in Your Resting Heart Rate

A simple resting heart rate contains valuable information on health and can be tracked over time to alert you to changes in health. With the new health tracking devices–wristbands, smartphone apps, digital scales and other devices that measure heart rate–tracking your resting heart rate, even during sleep, is easier than ever.

If you identify a higher heart rate above ideal, especially above 70 bpm, then you can take steps to reduce heart rate, far better than the drugs that doctors prescribe to slow heart rate.

The secrets hidden in your triglyceride value

TriglyceridesI’ve previously discussed how you can send your HDL cholesterol on a standard cholesterol/lipid panel through the roof, signaling great changes in health and longevity. Let’s now discuss another often neglected value from the same panel, triglycerides. In my HDL post, I related how, in my own personal experience, I raised my HDL from 27 mg/dl to 94 mg/dl, while reducing my triglycerides from 350 mg/dl to 47 mg/dl. Plenty more people have done likewise following the Wheat Belly lifestyle.