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Waiting for the Hurricane

As I write this post, I’m sitting by my windows waiting for a hurricane to sweep through. The Superdome, which is only a few blocks from my building, is lined with military vehicles and personnel, and the streets are eerily quiet. It shouldn’t be a devastating storm like the ones we’ve seen in the news over the last several weeks. In fact, it looks like it could miss us entirely, but the city-wide curfew, which goes into effect in a few hours, points to the severity of the storm. The streets that are usually bustling are almost empty already. In August, we learned that most of the drainage pumps in New Orleans proper don’t actually work. It only takes a few minutes for city streets to flood, and if it rains for a few hours, people will face major flooding issues. We’re safe in our home, I think, because we live several stories off of the ground, and our cars are parked several stories off of the ground as well. Our home has several large windows, but this place has proven to be pretty sturdy through a number of harsher storms. Michael spent the morning helping our close friend secure […]
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Change and Devastation: Were You Affected by Hurricane Harvey or Irma?

Last week brought about some changes for me that I’ve been hesitant to make for the last few months. I left my job after reaching my two year mark, and I’m pursuing things that have given me a renewed sense of excitement. Change is inevitable and, often times, uncomfortable, but it’s also necessary. The new chapter is shaping up to be a good one. I’m thankful to feel burdens lifted in my life, and I’m taking time to focus on all of the reasons we have to be thankful.  I’m also sad for those in states surrounding Louisiana who have lost everything. I know that most of them will experience new chapters in time too, but life is hard for many of our neighbors right now. Two of my aunts lost their home and all of its contents, their cars and boat, etc. They have their health, which is obviously most important, but they’ll spend the coming months and years rebuilding their lives. I know that they’re grateful for that opportunity, but I can also imagine how much stress it has caused as they near retirement. It’s hard not to feel overwhelmed with helplessness in times like these, when friends in […]
All the Weigh

Hurricane Katrina Wasn’t As Bad As This

According to WWL, the local CBS affiliate here in New Orleans, New Orleans has already experienced 112 murders this year. At this time last year the number was 78, so our rate is rising exponentially.

Murders in NOLA

As I looked at the map they released earlier this week I noticed that none have occurred in my neighborhood, but it’s sad and scary to think about how many people are facing tragic losses in this little city.