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Join the Undoctored Revolution

Let’s take back control over personal health. Share this to expose healthcare for the corrupt enterprise it is.

Imagine that you receive a letter in the mail stating “In order to retain your right to freedom of speech, you will be billed $ 10,000 per year every year for the rest of your life.”

You would be—-understandably-—outraged. Freedom of speech in America is precious, something Americans have waged wars to defend, something we now view as a basic right, no financial price required to maintain it. It should be free and available to everyone regardless of religion, color, political leanings, or income.

Join us on the next Wheat Belly/Undoctored Cruise!

Join us on the next annual Wheat Belly Cruise to the Caribbean! Dr. Davis will be there and will share his knowledge, including the many lessons learned over the six years since the Wheat Belly books changed the entire landscape of diet and health. And, on this cruise , we add the perspectives of the Undoctored message that expands personal health to include the use of new health tracking devices, apps, and easy-to-apply insights that achieve even higher levels of personal health.

The Wheat Belly Cruise sets sail December 2-9, 2017 and will include:

Join us for a Wheat Belly Retreat!

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We will be conducting a Wheat Belly Retreat at the beautiful Loew’s Ventana Resort in Tucson, Arizona from October 27th-30th, 2016.

We will discuss all things Wheat Belly from start to finish, host cooking demonstrations and fireside chats, all in an incredible and lush desert setting with hotel room and many meals provided. Dr. William Davis will personally host most of the retreat with additional sessions provided by several others, including head chef Ken Harvey who will provide cooking demonstrations that adhere to the Wheat Belly lifestyle. A private Facebook page will be created in the 4 weeks prior and after to facilitate discussion.

Will You Join Me in a 21 Day Junk Food Challenge?

I’ve never been a fan of negative reinforcement, but the fact is that if I want to lose weight, I need to eliminate some of the junk that I’ve allowed to re-enter my daily life. I did not gain weight over the holidays, which was a major victory! But I gained a lot through 2014, […]