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The Dietary Lessons of Teeth

We can draw many important lessons on human diet from history. In particular, examination of human teeth provides some of the most important insights we have into what humans should eat, what we should not eat, or at least are poorly adapted to eating.

Prior to around 10,000 years ago, tooth decay was uncommon–despite the lack of fluoridated toothpaste, dental floss, toothbrushes, and dentists. When grains were added to the diet, there was an explosion of tooth decay: 16-49% of all teeth recovered showed decay or abscess formation.

Lessons learned from constipation


Here’s an excerpt from Wheat Belly Total Health about constipation. As uninteresting as it can seem at first glance, constipation can offer useful insights into diet and health, but not simple-minded insights like “get more fiber.”


What Flying Lessons & Barry Manilow Teach You About Weight Loss

What a mixed bag of a week. I sat here with so many jumbled thoughts, I experienced real difficulty in deciding what to write about. I had a setback again this week. Actually, I think we could call it a relapse. My rescue-swimmer skills were again put to the test, and again I came up […]

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