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I’m looking for Wheat Belly Total Health testimonials!

The Wheat Belly Total Health approach begins with wheat and grain elimination . . . but does not end there.

Followers of this program understand that eliminating wheat and grains that started so many health and weight problems removes the initial cause. But many health issues can persist in their wake, some caused by wheat/grains, others just due to common nutritional deficiencies with broad health implications. For this reason, there are additional strategies to follow if you hope to regain and maintain ideal health. These strategies include correction of magnesium and iodine deficiencies, restoration of vitamin D, achieving ideal thyroid status, and cultivation of bowel flora.

Looking Back and Being Thankful

A few years ago, shortly after I moved to New Orleans, Mom gave me a crystal, pumpkin-shaped candy dish. I loved the pumpkin, but I didn’t want to fill it with candy because I’d eat it. So I decided to fill it with notes about why I’m thankful instead. It was surprisingly easy to fill […]

The wheat and grain lobby is looking desperate

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The wheat and grain lobby is at it again, using their increasingly supportive medium, The Huffington Post:

Gluten Intolerance Isn’t Caused By Frankenwheat Because It Doesn’t Exist

(It is odd that Huffington Post has, in effect, become the sounding board for the wheat and grain industry to post it’s propaganda pieces, even awful and flawed analyses like this article. I smell a rat.)

From the article:

“‘There’s no such thing as Frankenwheat.’

Looking Back and Moving Forward, Or Happy Birthday To Me

Well, it’s official.  It’s my birthday, and I’d like an iPad, a Bahama Breeze Yankee Candle, a Queen-Size Aerobed and for people to be nicer to each other.  I’m 33 years old today, and when I think about how I felt as I turned 23 years old, I am so utterly thankful to be here…to be living the life I’m living.

When I look back at the last few years of my life, I see a lot of positive changes in myself.  It hasn’t been easy, but I like to think that I’ve come a long, long way.  (And no, I’m not referring to my weight which is still ridiculously in need of change.)  I’m referring to the changes that I’ve made within myself.