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What you need to know about cholesterol—Total and LDL

This is an area in which I will be guilty of oversimplification. But even oversimplified, it will vastly outstrip your doctor’s focus on total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, and statin drugs. Unfortunately, most doctors have fallen for the marketing disguised as statin drug “research,” paid for by the drug industry. Statin drugs do indeed provide a very small benefit—but with substantial health (and financial) costs.

How much omega-6 fatty acids do you really need?

You don’t want omega-6 overload, but you also don’t want omega-6 deficiency. The ideal omega-6:omega-3 index is 2:1 or less. How do you achieve the right balance? It is much more simple than you might think.

To ensure that you are consuming the correct amount of omega-6 vs. omega-3, choose fats such as lard and tallow (provided they are not hydrogenated, if store-bought), coconut oil, palm oil (look for sustainably produced brands), extra-virgin olive oil, avocado oil, cocoa butter, and organic butter and ghee. Avoid corn, sunflower, safflower, cottonseed, rice bran, grapeseed, canola, peanut, soybean, and “vegetable” oils. Also avoid any oil that is hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated, as well as margarine. Linolenic acid–rich oils, such as flaxseed and walnut, are somewhere in between—use them, but don’t rely on them excessively (as they also contain substantial omega-6 oils).

The Post Mardi Gras, Good Grief I Need To Get It Together, Valentine’s Day Blues, Or Something Like That

I’ve sat down to blog several times lately, and I’ve been almost immediately distracted by other things. I wanted to share the details of my food intake during the week of Mardi Gras. In short, I ate a lot of random junk that can barely be considered food. If you follow me on Instagram, then you […]

Just how much “healthcare” do you need minus grains?

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Jamilyn shared her early experience with this lifestyle:

I started Wheat Belly February 9th, 2015. I have lost 20 pounds in just over 2 months and 10 on my own in the 9 months prior to WB–30 pounds difference from the first picture to the 3rd picture.

“I have eliminated all of the many medications I was taking for migraines, IBS, gastroparesis, chronic sinusitis, and joint pain. I haven’t taken Allegra or Flonase (which I have taken everyday since I was in my 20’s) since the second day of Wheat Belly. I no longer need my Protonix, Reglan, Carafate, or Zofran for my gastroparesis either. No migraines since the day before I started Wheat Belly. I have battled migraines daily since the 4th grade. This is the best I have felt in my entire life.