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Maple-Cinnamon Quick Muffin

Here’s a recipe for a Maple-Cinnamon Quick Muffin to help you navigate your Undoctored lifestyle, taken from the new Undoctored book. Although the Undoctored book contains many more ideas and strategies beyond those developed over the 6 years of the Wheat Belly experience, Undoctored carries on the tradition of providing healthy, grain-free, no-added-sugar low-carb recipes such as this Quick Muffin.

About Undoctored:
We are entering a new age in which the individual has astounding power over health–but don’t count on the doctor or healthcare system to tell you this.

Saturday, October 17, 2015: Quick Rebound

I’ve rebounded quickly after having a horrible food day yesterday. Today was approached as a new day. A clean slate. While next Wednesday’s weigh in will be affected by my choices yesterday, it is nice to recover so quickly. I worked all day today, my feet hurt, and I’m tired. I’m hitting the hay. 🙂 […]

Who Ate My Blog?

Quick and Transparent

I’ve been absent lately because I’m finally creating the new blog that I’ve been thinking about for over a year now.  It should be up and going in the next week or two.  I’ve had a lot of good days lately, but I’m aggravated right now.

I’d rather focus my energy on the new blog and all of the reasons that I have to be thankful, but I’d like to get this off of my chest too.


Quick And Easy Weight Loss With These Tips

There are lots of weight loss methods and it might be difficult to land on the right one. The only way you’ll find something that works is to try different methods. The following are some great ideas for jump starting your program.

There is big difference between thinking about weight loss and actually implementing a plan. Just be sure you have a plan and start with it today, and you’ll be happy you did. You won’t understand why you didn’t begin sooner!