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More Than Just A Fat Person

I didn’t say much here during the month of August, but I did a lot of thinking about my history with this blog. I’ve experienced some cool things as a result of writing here, so when I consider shutting it down I usually decide to think on it again later. I don’t want my little blog to disappear, but it doesn’t resonate with me in the way it once did. I’ve spent some time thinking on that lately, and now I know why. For many years I have defined myself as a person who needs to lose a serious amount of weight. I let society define me as fat and unworthy for a long time, even before my weight became a national news story. If you’ve been paying attention for a while, you also know that over the last five years I’ve experienced incredible life changes thanks to the grace of God. The closer I get to Him, the less I define myself as a just a fat person. Sure, I still need to lose weight, and I am. I want to have fun while I exercise and to encourage others to join me in that, and I’m doing that […]
All the Weigh

Is Vitamin D Deficiency the Rule, rather Than the Exception?

Vitamin D Deficiency is a widespread phenomenon with significant implications for health.

Fact: In our modern society vitamin D deficiency is the rule, rather than the exception!Tweet this!



While we can blame more severe cases of deficiency on grains, it also commonly occurs independent of grain consumption. The restoration of vitamin D levels is second only to grain elimination; one of the most powerful healthy lifestyle strategies.


How have modern lifestyles compromised our vitamin D status?


Vitamin D deficiency allows several abnormal health phenomena.Tweet this!

Less Than Two Weeks After Weight-Loss Surgery

It’s been almost two weeks since I had surgery. I wish I could say that I feel better, but I don’t. I actually feel pretty terrible. I’ve made some great strides in terms of healing. I don’t feel pain or bloating anymore, which is awesome. I’ve dropped about 40 pounds, which is also awesome. I’m just […]

Better Than Yesterday

My attitude changed dramatically after yesterday’s blog post. People started praying for me, and Michael and I prayed together too. It was so cool to realize that while I was intentionally worshiping God I felt no pain at all. I was a little sore throughout the second part of the day yesterday, but I went […]