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How to eliminate this uncomfortable, embarrassing problem.

Our ancestors who lived without grains, sugars, and soft drinks enjoyed predictable bowel behavior. They ate turtle, fish, clams, mushrooms, coconut, or mongongo nuts for breakfast, and out it all came that afternoon or evening—large, steamy, filled with undigested remains and prolific quantities of bacteria, no straining, laxatives, or stack of magazines required.

12-06-toilet-paperIf instead you are living a modern life and have pancakes with maple syrup for breakfast and you’ll be lucky to pass that out by tomorrow or the next day. Perhaps, you will be constipated, not passing out your pancakes and syrup for days, passing it incompletely in hard, painful bits and pieces. In constipation’s most extreme forms, the remains of pancakes can stay in your colon for weeks.

I Will Always Love Richard Simmons Because of Moments Like This One

I cannot believe that this happened for the first time five years ago! I think of Richard so often, and right now I’m going through training that makes me think of him everyday. He helped me change the way I see myself. He made it okay for me to love myself more, to desire more […]

This is what reversal of facial inflammation looks like

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 10.17.20 AM

Michelle shared her photos of her 7-month Wheat Belly journey reflecting the loss of 52 pounds and oodles of inflammation.

I just want to say how thankful I am for Wheat Belly!

“I’ve struggled with my weight all my life. In June, I decided to give Wheat Belly a try, and I’ve never looked back. The first couple of weeks were hard, but now I find it so easy. The amazing thing to me is that my sweet cravings are gone.

“I’ve lost 52 pounds so far and plan to keep going. Thanks so much!

I Know It’s the Weekend, but This Is Important

Even at the height of my blogging I didn’t post on Saturdays because I realize that no one reads it, but I have something to say that can’t wait.

Last night I learned that innocent lives were taken by a shooter at a movie theater in Lafayette, which is only a couple of hours from New Orleans. My old friend, Clint (aka The Suit) grew up there, and so did my dear friend Shannon. Neither of them live there now, but I feel special affection for that town because of my incredible friends who came out of it.