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New Undoctored book hits bookstores today

My new book, Undoctored: Why Health Care Has Failed You and How You Can Become Smarter Than Your Doctor, hits bookstores today, May 9th, 2017. I will be hosting a Facebook LIVE event today, also, at 5 pm Eastern/4 pm Central/3 pm Mountain/2 pm Pacific.

I want Undoctored to spark a revolution, a revolt against the healthcare system and its predatory ways. Undoctored sums up the lessons learned from the six years of the worldwide Wheat Belly experience that witnessed hundreds of thousands, even millions, of people achieve slenderness and health. Undoctored expands the discussion to show readers how even greater levels of health can be achieved when YOU take control away from doctors, drugs, hospitals, and the healthcare industry and apply all the new tools available to us.

He Asked Me To Marry Him Today

It was nearly eight years ago when I started sharing the details of my life here, and throughout that time I’ve grown and changed so much that it would be hard to explain to a stranger. Let’s just say that it has been an incredible journey filled with ups and downs. This year wasn’t easy, […]

Think About Today

When I mentally look back at my weight loss history, I tend to only look at my failures and upsets. For example, I tend to focus on the events that led up to my back injury, the event that I allowed to derail me from my goal of getting to a healthy weight. I’ll build […]

Who Ate My Blog?

Let’s Talk About How Much I Weigh Today

It’s been a while since I said anything here, and it’s been a really long while since I used this blog for its intended purpose – accountability. When my blog disappeared from the internet recently I thought about whether or not I should keep it or let it go. Thankfully, GoDaddy recognized the mistake and […]