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How to use the Wheat Belly and Undoctored books for maximum benefit

There are 6 books in the entire Wheat Belly series dating back to September, 2011. It’s been a glorious few years watching so many people experience spectacular health and weight transformations doing the opposite of conventional dietary advice, with many of their stories highlighted here on the pages of the Wheat Belly Blog, as well as the Official Wheat Belly Facebook page.

Amazon reviews for Undoctored

Here’s a sample of the recent Amazon reviews for my book, Undoctored: Why Health Care Has Failed You and How You Can Become Smarter Than Your Doctor.

I am encouraged by the overwhelmingly positive feedback, as we are in a virtual war with Big Pharma, the medical device industry, and the hospital industry, all working around-the-clock to take more money out of your pocket while denying you real health. The powerful and pervasive campaign of misinformation conducted by many people in healthcare is impossible to ignore. Getting the Undoctored message out to the public is more important than ever before.

Join the Undoctored Revolution

Let’s take back control over personal health. Share this to expose healthcare for the corrupt enterprise it is.

Imagine that you receive a letter in the mail stating “In order to retain your right to freedom of speech, you will be billed $ 10,000 per year every year for the rest of your life.”

You would be—-understandably-—outraged. Freedom of speech in America is precious, something Americans have waged wars to defend, something we now view as a basic right, no financial price required to maintain it. It should be free and available to everyone regardless of religion, color, political leanings, or income.

Take your Undoctored experience to the next level

I want as many people as possible to take control over personal health to enjoy life without prescription medications, hospitals, and the interference of doctors. This is part of the Undoctored mission.

In addition to the Undoctored book, the collaborative community of the Undoctored Inner Circle, and the Undoctored Facebook page, we have also created several online learning experiences to help you become as confident and effective as possible in living your life Undoctored.

The Undoctored learning courses include:

  • Two 21-day e-courses that take you step-by-step through the Undoctored program with videos, recipes, and bonus content