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When Losing Weight Isn’t The Top Priority

It’s hard to come up with a short answer when people ask me what I blog about, but I suppose the easiest way to explain it is that I blog about my life and its ups and downs. There’s been a lot of both over the years, but recently I’ve noticed how differently I respond to the ups and downs. Let’s face it. Good things are going to happen, and bad things are too. There are people who wrongfully assume that because I love God now that my life should be all sunshine and roses, and there are pastors on TV and writing books who make it seems like that. It’s just not true. The Bible doesn’t say that, and if a pastor or anyone tells you that, just ignore what they say as you run the other direction. Life isn’t always hard, but we go through challenging seasons all the time. When we get through one situation, another arises. That’s life, and I’ve experienced a lot of ups and downs, changes and growth throughout my years here. I’ve learned to control my emotions instead of letting them lead me, and that has changed the way I view life more […]
All the Weigh

“I can’t lose weight on levothyroxine”

I hear this complaint every day, yet the solution is SO simple.

The Undoctored lifestyle is magnificently effective to achieve weight loss, prevent or reverse hundreds of health conditions, and to free you from prescription medications.

But many people who take levothyroxine (Synthroid), the T4 thyroid hormone, report NO weight loss on the program, along with persistent abnormal symptoms such as low energy, dry skin, and thinning hair, even depression. This is not due to the failure of the program, but is due to the lack of the T3 thyroid hormone, the truly active form of thyroid hormone.

Married Life, Weight Watchers, Friends and Stuff

It’s been a beautiful week in New Orleans, and I’m hope that this weather will continue through August. This is typically the worst hottest month of the year, but the first day was splendid. Window washers cleaned my windows last week too, so we’re enjoying the view from the sofa with the blinds open a lot right now. Michael and I have been adjusting to married life, and the last few weeks have been pretty great. We feel at home in our new church, and we’re finding our way into new living patterns – spending time together and giving each other space. I haven’t found a good groove with Weight Watchers yet, but I’m not giving up. My weight has not changed much at all since I got married. In some ways that feels like a win, but it’s disappointing too because I know I can do better. My weight just hasn’t been the focus, so I’m not going to beat myself up for something that I’m not making a priority. My clothing size is still changing though. A few months ago I was wearing 24’s in everything, and right now I’m much more comfortable wearing 20’s in most things. […]
All the Weigh

The Undoctored Approach to Spectacular Weight Loss

Weight loss can be achieved without calorie counting, deprivation, or extreme exercise. Achieve spectacular weight loss by reverting back to the way humans were supposed to be eating all along. This restores health, reverses hundreds of health conditions, while allowing excess weight to be effortlessly mobilized.

This is part of the Undoctored program for restoring individual health without the obstruction of misguided conventional advice, the blundering of doctors who do not understand nutrition, or the predatory practices of the healthcare system.