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A new program for wellness and to halt cognitive decline/dementia



We are planning to launch a bold and exciting new program at the Villas at Manalapan in central New Jersey. The Villas is a retirement community that incorporates cutting-edge wellness practices through its Revite Wellness program that includes efforts targeted to prevent, even reverse, cognitive decline. I will be bringing many of the Undoctored and Wheat Belly concepts to the Villas and I will be present to provide education and lectures from time-to-time.

The setting will be an apartment-home community mirroring the ambience and accommodations of a world-class resort with lush gardens, crystal chandeliers, a theater, elegant dining room, gym, bar, coupled with the (voluntary) Revite Wellness program.

A Start To My Wellness Goals Master List

Last week when Donna and I met, she asked me to come up with a behavior-based weight loss goals master list. Here’s the START of my master list of wellness goals in three categories: Nutrition, Exercise, and Eating Behaviors.


  • Add a recipe to binder
  • Prepare a new recipe
  • Eat six servings of fruits and vegetables per day
  • Plan meals
  • Track meals


  • Walk 30 minutes per day
  • Do physical therapy homework everyday

Eating Behaviors:

  • Leave food on the plate at the end of meal
  • Eat slowly

Wellness Support Specialist

I’m moving onward and upward at work (St. Vincent’s One Nineteen Health and Wellness). Starting August 19th, I’m moving to the Wellness department. I will be the new Wellness Support Specialist. My duties will include clerical duties for the department, schedule dietitian appointments, check clients in for appointments, provide technical support for line-of-business software to all departments and other sites as needed, manage the conference room, and whatever other tasks I can dive into.

I’ll be working days, so no more long nights or early mornings for me (also no weekends)!!! I also get to wear ties, so no more black polos.