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What do low-tar cigarettes, low-fat yogurt and healthy whole grains have in common?

Followers of the Undoctored and Wheat Belly books and lifestyle understand a basic truth in logic: Just because something is less bad does not necessarily make it good.

Low-tar cigarettes have less of the toxic compounds that leave the brown residue–“tar”–after tobacco is burned, but smoking low-tar cigarettes does not reduce risk for lung cancer, mouth/throat cancer, or cardiovascular disease.

Premarin, whole grains, and why you can’t believe headlines

Imagine you have a friend named Justin. He is a schoolteacher. Honest, hardworking, doesn’t smoke, rarely drinks alcohol, sleeps well, doesn’t take drugs, shows up at work every day. He has also chosen to be vegetarian.

Another friend of yours, an auto mechanic named Tommy, eats fast food, loves fried chicken, drinks too much beer on the weekends, likes to drive fast cars, and sometimes gets into legal tangles. He smokes cigarettes, though has limited it to only half-a-pack per day. Late weekends, some weekday nights, sleep cut short to just two or three hours. Tommy is not a vegetarian, but likes his burgers rare with a big side of French fries and a can or two of Coca Cola.

Wheat Belly Basics: Aren’t Whole Grains Good for You?

We’ve been told for decades that whole grains are healthy, healthier than processed white flour products. Is that true?

And why does the Wheat Belly lifestyle in which grains, whole and white, are eliminated, yield such spectacular results such as substantial weight loss without limiting calories, reversal of inflammation and many autoimmune conditions, relief from joint pain and acid reflux, relief from skin rashes and water retention, and relief from hundreds of other health conditions—if we are eliminating a necessary nutritional source?

Four Fun Physical Activities that Benefit the Whole Family

Being active is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, but it can be difficult to squeeze in exercise when you work full time and have a family to take care of. One of the best ways to ensure that physical activity part of your every day life is by exercising together as a family! […]

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