The Flat Belly Fix: Your Pain Free Flat Belly Solution (60 Second System Fitness & Exercise Lifestyle Guides)

Here Is The Answer To YOUR Flat Belly Challenge….

Sharon Moore, author of best selling health & fitness books "The 60 Second System" & "The Hard Body System" has released the third book in the "60 Second System" series "The Flat Belly Fix: Your Pain Free Flat Belly Solution". If you have struggled achieving your flat belly goals and having a trim, toned and sexy stomach read on….

Can 5 Simple Exercises That Take Seconds To Perform Really Give You The Flat Belly You Dream Of ?

The answer is YES and in "The Flat Belly Fix" fitness and weight loss author Sharon Moore gives you a simple and easy to use plan that will help you create a smooth and sexy flat belly in only a few minutes a day.

While most flat belly programs are little more than a bunch of ab exercises, re-packaged and re-labelled, "The Flat Belly Fix" is an holistic flat belly program that teaches you everything you need to know to achieve your body transformation goals.

Discover in this quick and easy to read guide:

Postural and structural imbalances that will prevent any ab exercise from working and how to fix them.Specific simple to apply eating guidelines that will ensure your flat belly successThe most effective way to burn fat (no it's not your run of the mill cardio training)The specific muscle that's causing your "belly bulge" and how to stretch & release it.Why you're struggling with conventional ab exercises and what you can do about it.The back pain / flat belly connection.The myths and misconceptions that are preventing you achieving your flat belly goalsHow to eat less without eating less…the "weird" fat belly fix.If you're tired of fighting a losing battle with your flabby and bulging stomach and have lost hope in ever having a tight and toned attractive flat belly then you really need to get "The Flat Belly Fix" today.

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