Weigh-In: 5 LB Loss This Week For A Total Loss Of 269 LBS

Weigh In:

Last Weigh-In (6/19/13): 368 LBS

Today’s Weigh-In: 363 LBS

Loss for the week: -5 LBS

Starting Weight 02/01/09: 632 LBS

Total Weight Lost Since 02/01/09 : 269 LBS

Goal Weight: 232 LBS

LBS To Go: 131 LBS


Sorry I skipped the weigh in last week. I didn’t have the heart to post a 2lb gain. However, this week I have been consistent, and have a loss. Woot!

Also, I’m really pleased with a streak that I’ve started. I’m walking an hour every day, and so far, I have walked 10 days in a row! I will keep it going.

The iPhone app that I’m use to track my streaks is “Streaks – Motivational Calendar”. It’s like $ 2.00 or so, and well worth it!

Here are my current streaks:




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